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Knowledge is Your Best Bet

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Author Topic: Knowledge is Your Best Bet  (Read 329 times)
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« on: July 26, 2007, 04:32:17 pm »

This article is courtesy of General Cole. Thanks GC!

Knowledge is Your Best Bet!

In any Nerf War there is going to be variables.  Loads of different variables if it is a good field of play.  Now to use all of these different variables to your advantage depends entirely on your knowledge.  Your knowledge of yourself, your weapons, and your enemy, and the environment is all key to winning in a Nerf War.  To know yourself is to practice often.  Knowing how fast you can run, how well you can aim and your general bravery.

Knowing your physical abilities is important.  In any situation where you have to get from Point A to Point B while getting shot at is a time when you want to get there fast, or with a degree of stealth.  Letís say that you are in a forest like environment.  You may want to pick a path that puts the most trees between you and your attackers.  If you are trying to get to somewhere far away and there is sparse, but good cover you will want to run to the cover and use it like waypoints.  Another important ability is to be able to aim.  If you canít aim, you canít hit anything.  Practice often to improve this skill.  Try taking running and gunning practice.  The last main attribute is your general demeanor.  If you arenít a GIT R DUN person then hang back and take the good shots.  If you are a GIT R DUN person then run around shirtless doing action rolls and taking random potshots without a primary.  If neither of these are you, then find a happy median.

Knowing you weapons is important.  If you think your Crossbow is full auto 30 yard killing machine, think again.  Know your optimum ranges for each gun you use.  Also know your ROF.  If you have a high ROF gun then you want to get closer where you can fend them off as they come.  Try to stick to more uneven ground for you can run and gun with efficiency.  If you ROF is slow, like an SM5K, then hang back, try to find a good hidey-hole.  Then take every shot that presents itself.  Use the accuracy.  If you are hauling around 2 RF20s, or the equivalent, then get in real close and unleash a massive burst of foamy death with one and use the other to defend yourself while you reload.  You like close combat.  Barrel tapping should occur with some frequency for you.

Know your enemy.  If you know one of the guys on the other team has deadly accuracy and you are in the open, MOVE!  Try and anticipate what they are doing.  Donít let any person on the opposite team get settled in where they want to be.  Thatís bad for you.  Try scare tactics.  They work occasionally.  Make them retreat to hard to traverse conditions.  Have them advance into the open where a good ambush point is.  Work them against nature.

And finally know the terrain.  If you know that the field has lots of cover use it, donít abuse standing in the middle of a field scratching the front of your back.  You <3 Cover.  Try and work yourself into a flanking position by moving the other team or isolating them with rushes.  If you know where the good ambush positions are, use them.  If you can go around and take 2 guys out with an RF20 then do it.  Use every thing that is thrown at you to your advantage.  If it is in a desert environment wear tan clothing, and in a forest wear green.  It may not make you invisible but it breaks up your outline.  And finally, NERF FOR FUN.
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