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Title: N-Strike Nite Finder
Post by: Sarge on July 15, 2007, 03:22:22 pm
The N-Strike Nitefinder is one of the most common and used sidearms ever. Some Nerfers even use it as a pimary! It is very cheap at $5-7, and is probaly the easiest gun ever to modify, along with the Tech Target. It has a small red flaslight under the stock barrel with an adjustable plastic magnifying glass. This is to make the light appear to be a laser pointer. Some contend that this light is useless and just a gimmick, but in truth it can show you where you are aiming without having to site. However, the light only works in the dark till about 20' and is somewhat revealing in night wars, so it's usefullness in daytime and/or outside wars is almost absolutely null. Overall the nite Finder is a very good pick considering it's size, range, and price.


Stock Range (flat): 25-35 feet
Stock Range (30 degree angle): 45-55 feet
Medium Modified Range (flat): 35-40 feet
Medium Modified Range (angled): 50-60 feet
Maximum Modified Range (flat): 50-55 feet
Maximum Modified Range (angled): 65-90 feet
Accuracy (1'x1.5' target, 15' away): ~95%
Accuracy (1'x1.5' target, 25' away): ~90%
Optimum Pumps: N/A
Moddability: 10/10
Price vs. Value: 10/10
Reccomended Buy: 10/10
Comes With: three (3) micro suction darts, ~2"x~2" stand up cardboard target

If you find anything that you believe is wrong with this article, please personal message me!